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I am a progressive writer with 3+ years of work experience. I believe every event has a story to recite and penning them down is what fascinates me the most. 

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The tale of India's sixth Gold at the Olympics

India has a remarkable history in hockey, being unbeatable was something it maintained since 1928. But the tale of India against Pakistan in Melbourne, 1956, was something worth remembering.

The national men’s team remained undefeated in 1928, 1932, 1936. When the world was recovering from the devastation of World War II in 1948, team India was gearing up for another win in the year itself, followed by another victory in 1952 and then in Melbourne in 1956.

Though India was now playing as an in

Marred by water shortage, clogged pipelines and lack of facilities, Dhanas suffers without councillor

With no councillor to voice the concerns, the Dhanas Housing Board Complex, which falls under a panchayat, is going to seed, as residents suffer from water shortage, clogged sewerage pipelines and allegedly exaggerated utility bills.

Dhanas, which is a rehabilitation colony, was carved out of the village land to accommodate slum-dwellers, about five years ago.

A resident of the colony, daily wager Anil Kumar, lives here in a one-room flat with five other members of his family. “We are thankful

For these childhood friends, life is all about seva

“SARBAT DA Bhala” (Welfare of all) is the phrase that prompted two childhood friends Swaranjeet Dhillon and Navjot Singh Sidhu to set up a non-profit organisation called Serve Humanity Serve God (SHSG) to share whatever they had with the less fortunate.

What started on 5 January, 2016 with two people and only ten percent of their incomes, now consists of over 50 members or ‘sevadars’ (helpers), as they like to call themselves. Dhillon says that this seva is not in the form of cash and kind but

‘Gandhigram sounds fancy, but in reality, no one bothers about us’

Residents of Ghasera say the government school here needs urgent attention as shortage of teachers is affecting students.

Barely 50 km from the national capital, Gandhigram Ghasera village in Haryana’s Nuh district is a picture of neglect. There is no potable water, electricity is scarce and the less said the better about roads or schools. Known simply as Ghasera, this village owes its name to Mahatma Gandhi, who visited it soon after Partition, 73 years ago.

It was on December 19, 1947, when

Writing her own story with Selfie with daughter

सेल्फी विद डॉटर से जुड़ी इन लड़कियों ने बड़े गर्व से अपने इस संघर्ष की कहानी साझा की। उनका कहना है कि इससे पहले गांव की महिलाओं पर सोशल मीडिया पर अपनी तस्वीर लगाने या सक्रिय रहने पर अनकही पाबंदी थी।

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